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Performance Claim


Date of Registration: * 2019-05-06 11:10
Lubricant Marketer:
* JSC Energy
ATIEL Membership:
* No
ATIEL's Letter of Conformance signed?
* Yes
Address: 107497, Russian Federation Moscow, Irkutskaya St, 11/2
Country: Russian Federation
Contact: * Dmitry Mironov
* +7 (495) 510-27-74
Email: * [email protected]
Product Name: *
(Marketed with this Formulation under these ACEA Specifications)
C.N.R.G. N-Duro Power 15W-40
Sales Region: *
(Select at least one or more Countries)
European Union Russian Federation Middle East Asia/Pacific (excl. China)
ACEA Performance Level:

(Class / Category & Edition)

* A3/B4 + E7 - 2016
SAE Viscosity Grade: * 15W-40
Oil Code Number/Identifier:
Location of Production

* Mandatory field

Supplier Statement:

"I hereby confirm that the ATIEL COP was followed in developing this oil formulation with the purpose of claiming ACEA Specifications shown above".

Please check all data before submitting this form, as it cannot be changed anymore, only be made obsolete.

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