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All performance claims

Print Out Date: 20.10.2020

Date Of Registration Company Products ACEA Performance Level Obsolete

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All data was registered by the oil marketer. ACEA is not responsible for the quality of registered engine oils nor for the truth of any claims being made by any (oil) marketer. Therefor ACEA is not responsible for any complaints resulting from registered or unregistered products. The registration is volontary and serves only as an information for ACEA. ACEA does not approve engine oils as this is not an approval system. It is not the task of ACEA to verify the truth or the correctness of any entries or the compatibility of legal requirements of any data entered. However if ACEA notices that legal requirements are hurt ACEA reserves the right to make changes or to delete data. Otherwise ACEA will not change or delete data in part or as a whole. In case the owner of the claims listed in this view decides to publish this view he is the publisher and fully responsible of all contents, not ACEA.